Visualize your
emissions trajectories

Set your objectives and different scenarios to manage your future emissions.

Define your different objectives

Set your growth objectives

Determine the annual economic growth expected by your company and adjust your action plan accordingly.

Set a GHG emission reduction objective

Determine a GHG emission reduction objective to meet your obligations and adjust your action plan to comply with them.

Ensure your objectives compliance

Check that each of your objectives complies with the SBT reference framework.

Configure your reduction trajectories

Global trajectory

Monitor the trajectory of your global emissions with or without an action plan, taking into account the economic growth of your company.

Trajectories by emission sources

Monitor the trajectories of your different emission sources year after year.

Intensity visualizations

View your projections in absolute or intensity terms to smooth the impact of your growth on the evolution of your emissions.

Align your trajectories with SBT standards

Display SBTi trajectories

Display SBT trajectories in the application and check that your objectives comply with the expected trajectory.

Adjust your action plan to align with the SBT reference framework

Adjust your action plan and dynamically view the impact of each action on your trajectories.

Define the timeframe of your reduction trajectories

Determine the target year for each of your reduction trajectories to adapt your action plans.

Test our trajectory brick

Find out in just a few clicks how Sami software can help you manage your emissions over time
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