Recognized climate expertise

We are committed to always providing the best climate expertise to all of our clients.

Au-delà des formations et autres certifications, notre équipe expertise travaille activement au développement de la comptabilité carbone via le Plan Carbone Général

The Sami platform is compliant with the Bilan Carbone® methodology

Our climate platform is one of the few solutions to have been declared compliant by the ABC.

This several-month audit certifies the quality of the measurement and support of our clients in compliance with the rules set by the ABC and ADEME.

Sami is the initiator of the Plan Carbone Général

Our expertise team is the originator of the General Carbon Plan, the reference wiki for carbon accounting.

The General Carbon Plan is now managed by the ABC (Association for the Low-Carbon Transition).

A community of experts dedicated to decarbonization

Sami is the originator of Open Carbon Practice, a community of over 300 carbon experts.

Open Carbon Practice's mission is to improve carbon knowledge in order to accelerate the decarbonization of businesses.

The work of the community helps to enrich the General Carbon Plan.

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