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Why choose Sami?

Recognized expertise on the market

Our experts have participated in the creation of important standards such as the PEFCR, SBTI or even the General Carbon Plan, which is now managed by the ABC.

Software in accordance with the Bilan Carbone® methodology

The Sami software is one of the only ones on the market to have received compliance with the Bilan Carbone® methodology.
Check out the list here.

Benefits eligible for BPI grants

Sami is a partner of the courses:
Diag Eco-Flux
Diag Decarbon'Action
Diag Ecodesign

The biggest consulting firms at our side

The largest climate strategy consulting firms use our software to support you in your approach.

Training courses to gain expertise

Training courses that can be financed by your OPCO in order to develop your expertise on carbon accounting and climate strategy.

Customer satisfaction that no longer needs to be proven

A score of 4.8/5 on Trustpilot after supporting more than 700 companies in their environmental approach.

A powerful software to build your climate strategy

Collect all your data effectively

Manage access and rights to facilitate and secure data collection

Define different roles within your organization and ensure data confidentiality during the collection phase.

Numerous ready-to-use collectors to save time

Benefit from data collectors designed for your industry and send large volumes of data through our API.

Involve all your stakeholders

Benefit from powerful collaborator and supplier collectors to reduce the carbon footprint of your employees and suppliers.

Access over 100,000 emission factors.

The most powerful database on the market

Powered by the Algolia search engine, our database lists over 100,000 French and international factors.

A database structured and enriched by our experts

Our expertise team cleans, restructures and enriches all integrated databases (correction of the effects of inflation, metadata translation, versioning...)

Save time on data auditing and analysis

Enjoy automatic calculations

Our software automatically calculates emissions related to the various data collectors, whether physical or monetary.

A space to consolidate all your data

Find data from each of your entities and consolidate them for a precise view of all emissions.

An analytical view of your emissions

Suppliers, product families, subsidiaries... Create custom dimensions and tags to better understand your carbon dependencies.

Format all of your carbon data

Analyze your emissions with precision

Enjoy automatic analyses generated by our software and create your own reports and analysis indicators.

Visualize the impact of your products on your emissions

Delve into the details of the emissions of each of your product references in order to implement effective reduction actions.

Compare your emissions with other companies

Access a large database containing Sami data and data from the CDP database as well as from Ademe (+2000 companies).

Analyze your product emissions with precision

Your product catalog directly in the application

Get a product-by-product view alongside your carbon footprint for a better understanding of your emissions.

Visualize the details of your product emissions

Analyze the emissions of your products at each stage of their life cycle (inputs, production, freight, packaging, end of life, etc.). Your catalog allows you to identify at a glance which are your most emissive products!

Build your climate roadmap

A customizable low-carbon action catalog

Discover over 250 low-carbon actions in our catalog and create your own reduction actions in the application to better target your emissions.

Build your climate action roadmap step by step

Set and track your reduction goals for each action, visualize their impact on your trajectories, and monitor the progress of your projects in real time.

Create different action plans at the group level

Develop customized action plans for each entity, pool initiatives at the group level for increased efficiency, and track the progress of reduction actions through a consolidated climate roadmap for each entity or for the entire group.

Define your objectives and different scenarios to manage your emissions.

Define your different objectives

Establish your growth and emission reduction objectives to align your action plan with the SBT framework.

Configure your reduction trajectories

Monitor the overall evolution of your emissions with or without an action plan, taking into account your economic growth. Visualize your emission posts and projections in absolute terms or customizable intensities.

Align your trajectories with SBT reference frameworks

Ensure the compliance of your objectives with the SBTi standards in the application. Dynamically adjust your action plan to align with the frameworks.

Support with expert consultants

Accurate and fast measurement of your emissions

We help you accelerate and simplify your data collection

Data questionnaires are configured by consultants and enable you to quickly and efficiently collect all of your data.

Data audit and consolidation

Your data is then audited, consolidated, and published by your consultant directly on the Sami software.

Action plan and trajectories

We co-build with you a roadmap for reducing your emissions directly on the software. Visualize the impact of each action on your goals and reduction trajectories.

Measure and reduce the impact of your products

Product Carbon Footprint

Our consultants collect and analyze your product data, including that obtained through our data collectors, and then integrate the results of the emissions analysis into our software.

Life Cycle Assessments (LCA)

Carbon LCA, multi-criteria LCA, LCA according to ISO standards... Our consultants support you in all types of LCA.

Eco-design and environmental labelling

Eco-design strategy, environmental labeling, environmental claims... We support you in all your product-related issues.

Let's define together an ambitious climate strategy

Awareness workshops

COMEX workshops, supplier workshops, employee workshops... We help you mobilize all your stakeholders.

Measurement of your emissions

After defining your needs, our consultants accurately measure the emissions of your organization (full scopes, product emissions...).

Climate roadmap

Our consultants work with you to build specific and quantified action plans (by country, subsidiary) using the Sami software.

Let's define the best eco-design strategy for your products

Impact data collection and measurement

Our consultants analyze your product data and that collected by our tools, producing detailed reports with visuals and environmental scores for your environmental display.

Definition of an eco-design roadmap

We conduct workshops to identify levers for action, work with your teams to assess their feasibility and quantify the environmental benefits, thus developing a roadmap for the deployment of your eco-design roadmap.

Environmental communication

Our consultants train you in environmental communication and assist you in creating ready-to-use materials.

Complete support for your CSRD reporting

CSRD training

The best training courses to help you become autonomous in your CSRD compliance

Precise and accelerated double materiality analysis thanks to our software

An exhaustive analysis of your double materiality through questionnaires specifically designed for the CSRD.

Gap analysis and definition of a road map

Once the data mapping is completed, we co-build a roadmap with you on the software to allow you to complete all mandatory data points for your reporting.

Trainings to become a climate expert

Learn how to effectively measure the emissions of organizations!

🕦 18h30 of training

💻 Online with an expert

👥 15 people maximum

💰 Financeable via OPCO or France Travail.

🎯 The objectives of the training

  • Master the steps of a greenhouse gas assessment for an organization.

  • Know how to adapt to varied contexts.

Learn how to build effective transition plans and support organizations in their climate strategy.

🕦 12 hours of training

💻 Online with an expert

👥 15 people maximum

💰 Financeable via OPCO or France Travail.

🎯 The objectives of the training

  • Know how to define a climate roadmap and understand the climate risks to which companies are exposed.

  • Know how to define and implement a transition plan for a company and compare alignment with SBT objectives.

Discover the testimony of our customers

"Thanks to our carbon expert's educational support, we were able to improve our skills and move from a regulatory carbon footprint to an actionable carbon footprint. The very understandable presentation enabled us to engage all the company's departments so that everyone could act at their own level."

“The Sami software allows us to free up a lot of time for our customers. Tasks with low added values are automated. We can focus on high value-added advice and improve customer satisfaction.”

"The theoretical basis is there, the overall reflection around the carbon footprint is there, the understanding of the different posts, emission factors, etc. ... And then there is the whole practical dimension which was very important to me. We do concrete cases, we come back to them with the trainer, we correct, we can ask questions, that's what makes the difference."

Carbon accounting training
February 2024

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