Measure and reduce your product's impact

Benefit from the experience of our LCA consultants and our product analysis software module to effectively measure and reduce the impact of your products.

Sami partner of the Diag Ecoconception

Get your LCAs financed by the Diag Ecoconception scheme (BPI, ADEME).

Sami can help you every step of the way!

Measurement and integration of the carbon impact of your products in your carbon balance

Data collection

Our consultants use your product data (PLM, Excel files) as well as data collected via our collectors or data collection tables.

Emissions analysis

Our consultants analyze the emissions of your products using our ACV tools.

In-app results integration

The carbon impact of your products is integrated into our Product Carbon Footprint feature.

We support you in all types of ACV

Carbon LCA

Our consultants assist you in the carbon analysis of your products.

Multi-criteria LCA

Our consultants can assist you on all impact criteria that need to be defined according to your needs and the specificities of your products.

LCA ISO standards

Our consultants support you in the ISO approach and produce a study report as well as a results summary to facilitate the critical review of your LCA.

Access management

Our consultants support you in your various strategies

Eco-design strategy

Our teams assist you in implementing an eco-design strategy to reduce the impact of your products.

Environmental labelling

We assist you in implementing environmental labeling for your products.

Environmental claims

Personalized support to avoid risks related to communication surrounding the impact of your products.

Access management

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