Let's define the best eco-design strategy for your products

Benefit from the expertise of our consultants specializing in impact measurement and eco-design strategy to rethink the production of your products in English.

Sami can help you
finance your project!

Sami will help you step by step to obtain financing for your LCA and the deployment of your eco-design roadmap!

Customized support to build your
eco-design strategy

Framing workshop

Facilitation of a framing workshop to think about your objectives and expected deliverables.

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Data collection

Our consultants assist you in collecting your product data(PLM, Excel files).

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Impact measurement

Carbon and/or multi-criteria environmental measurement of your products according to your objectives.

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Eco-design workshop

Facilitation of a collective workshop to identify the most impactful action plans and prioritize them.

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Implementation of a quantified eco-design roadmap with the involved actors in the company.

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Environmental communication

Our teams assist you in effective environmental communication.

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Framing workshop

Stakeholder awareness

Our consultants help you to involve all stakeholders in your future eco-design strategy.

Definition of objectives

Our consultants offer workshops to define your precise objectives and environmental ambition.

Definition of expected deliverables

Once the objectives and level of ambition are set, our consultants submit a plan of action and associated deliverables to you.

Data collection and impact measurement

Data collection

Our consultants use your product data (PLM, Excel files) as well as data collected via our collectors or data collection tables.

Impact analysis

Our consultants analyze the carbon or multi-criteria impacts of your products using our LCA tools.

Visualization and presentation of results

We provide you with detailed reports on the impacts of your products, including visuals and environmental scores to comply with environmental labeling.

Definition of an eco-design roadmap

Collective reflection workshop

Implementation of collective workshops to reflect on the most impactful levers of action.

Feasibility study

We work with your teams on the feasibility of the various action plans while quantifying the environmental benefits.

Definition of the operational roadmap

We co-construct with you an operational roadmap to effectively deploy your eco-design roadmap.

Access management

Environmental communication

Communication workshops

Our consultants train you in environmental communication to avoid pitfalls related to poor communication.

Communication support tools

Our teams assist you with ready-to-use communication materials.

Access management

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