Reduce the impact of your activities and build an ambitious Green IT roadmap

Take advantage of the power of our software and the advice of climate experts with strong digital expertise!

Have your company's carbon footprint financed

Sami consultants are registered as Diag Décarbon'Action experts! We have helped many digital companies through this scheme.

Why shouldn't you?

A dual digital expertise

Accelerate and simplify your emissions collection

From measuring the emissions of your digital services to those emitted by your employees, save time and gain precision with our audited data collectors declared compliant with the Bilan Carbone® methodology.

Specific data collectors (infra, IT equipment, web data..)

Physical approach to your digital services with the most accurate emission factors on the market

Comparison of your emissions with our sector benchmarks


Build a climate roadmap and effectively manage your global and digital emissions

Set reduction targets globally and for each digital service.

Build an ambitious Green IT roadmap and visualize the positive impact of your actions on your reduction trajectories.

Database of ready-to-deploy and customizable digital actions

Reduction trajectories in absolute terms or by emission post (IT, employees, travel...)

Dynamically visualize the impact of each action on your reduction trajectories


Discover the carbon footprint
of a digital company

What better way to see Sami's digital expertise than by consulting an anonymised carbon footprint?

Custom support with an emphasis on your Green IT strategy

Carbon footprint, carbon scores on your site, life cycle analysis of your digital services?

We provide you with the best of digital expertise to help you achieve your climate and environmental objectives.

Support for your caSupport for your tenders

Helping you define your reduction targets

Support in building your action plan


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To go further

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