Measure your carbon footprint and reduce your emissions

Collect and measure the emissions related to your activities and effectively reduce your emissions with our dual software and consulting expertise!

Our software is compliant with various international methodologies.

We conduct carbon assessments according to the GHG Protocol or the Bilan Carbone methodology 🇫🇷

Human expertise combined with a powerful and methodology-compliant software

Facilitate data collection and measurement

Accelerate data collection and refine understanding of your emissions.
Integrate the physical specificities of your company and analyze your emissions according to different customizable criteria.

Data collectors adapted to your activity: purchases, freight, digital, etc.

Analysis of your emissions by scopes, emission categories, subsidiaries, processes, etc.

Comparison of your emissions with our sector benchmarks


Effectively manage your emissions and achieve your reduction targets

Set global, scope-specific or customized reduction targets.
Build a tailor-made action plan based on a detailed analysis of your emissions and visualize the impact of each action.

Global and specific reduction targets aligned with SBT

Build a 100% activity-specific action plan

Visualize the impact of each action on your reduction trajectories


Tailor-made support!

Our goal is to provide you with the best climate support according to the specificities of your company.

Benefit from the support of our consultants or our partner firms throughout your approach!

Single or multi-criteria lifecycle analysis of your products

Co-construction of your action plan

Economic assessment of your climate roadmap


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