Effectively measure your portolio's emissions

Choose Sami to effectively manage the emissions of your portfolio. Beyond measurement, we help you engage your holdings through specific support programs.

Get your company's carbon footprint financed

Sami consultants are referenced as Diag Décarbon'Action experts! We have supported numerous digital companies via this device.

Why not you?

The power of our software coupled with a custom support program

The climate performance of your portfolio at a glance

Efficiently measure the climate performance of one or all of your holdings. Then create custom visualizations to effectively manage your climate strategy (by fund, by holding, by asset class...).

Software declared compliant with the Bilan Carbone® methodology

Full scopes measurement of emissions and audit of collected data

Custom visualization of emissions from your holdings (by fund, by holding, by asset class...).


Engage your community in an ambitious climate approach

A custom support program to truly engage your holdings in a low-carbon approach.

Awareness-raising sessions

Sector-specific masterclasses

Personalized carbon footprint restitutions

Climate Program

Discover the carbon footprint
of an investment fund

Discover an anonymised report produced by our climate and finance experts for an investment fund.

We support you to meet your regulatory obligations

SFDR, IFRS, SBTi Finance, etc.

We support you with our partners to effectively meet all ESG regulations applied to the world of finance.

Definition of SBT-compatible objectives

Integration of climate data within partner ESG tools

Assistance with reporting on your activity or that of your holdings


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To go further

Environmental labelling will introduce an environmental score for the products sold. What sectors, when, how? We tell you all about the subject!
An exclusive webinar with ADEME in charge of the deployment of environmental labelling. Testimonial from two companies that have already implemented it on their products.
How did Monsieur Tshirt call on Sami to quantify and understand its climate impact, in order to then reduce it effectively.