Measurement and reduction software for carbon professionals

CSR and climate consultants: make your life easier.

Simplify your work with effective software so you can focus on what matters: supporting your clients.

The power of the Sami platform at your fingertips

The result of 2 years of development, used daily and constantly updated by our experts and clients.

Save time and make your life easier

Collect data more easily, automate some work and offer your clients simple and informative online data collection tools.

Centralise and consolidate all the required data in no time at all and make monitoring easier for you and your clients year on year.

Online platform for you and your clients

Automations and raw file integrations

Collection monitoring and climate strategy management


Focus on what matters most

Leave spreadsheets behind and spend more time advising and supporting your clients.

Free yourself from low-value time-consuming tasks to focus on what you do best.

Save time for you and your clients

Turnkey graphics and presentation materials

Online help and technical support


Switch from measuring in a spreadsheet to an all-in-one climate platform

Visualise results by entity, activity or product – you decide.
Model the change in carbon footprint based on an action plan.
Define and monitor the trajectory.

Leave your spreadsheets to gather dust – you won’t regret it!

Custom segmentation of the study scope

Informative visualisation of results

Quantified action plan and change modelling


Quick and easy without compromising on accuracy - the opposite in fact

Take advantage of an open-source carbon accounting methodology revised and updated by professionals from the sector and a broad range of 50,000+ emission factors.

Stay in control of the type of data used: monetary or physical.

Open-source methodology and practical guide

Monetary and physical approaches

Compatible with national and international frameworks


Discover the platform in action

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