Our CSR commitments

Because Sami's project is first and foremost environmental and societal, we have made a whole series of commitments that respond to our mission and concern our employees as well as our customers and suppliers!

Sami was created in 2020 with the idea of helping companies to increase their environmental action tenfold by putting in place climate policies that are both robust and socially fair.

It's a mission that's difficult to fulfil if we don't try to be exemplary ourselves! From our HR policy to our responsible purchasing policy, not forgetting our carbon footprint, we are doing everything we can to put our commitments into practice.

Sami is a certified B Corp
and a Positive Company®

Sami achieved B Corp™ certification with a score of 99.9, and is now one of over 350 French companies to have joined this community of committed players.

Sami has also been awarded 3 stars (out of 3) with Positive Company®, a CSR label made in France. Unlike B Corp, this label is unique in that it questions our stakeholders: suppliers, employees and customers.


HR and well-being at work

🤗 Commitment

We offer all Saminauts 5 days a year to get involved with the association of their choice via the platform Vendredi.

🏔 Telecommuting

Full telecommuting is allowed for all Saminauts, and we can arrange coworking space anywhere in France.

💜 Team

We organize "Saminars" every few years to bring everyone together and strengthen the bonds between all Saminauts.

👐 Transparency

Salaries, financial results, feedback system between managers, managers and founders... Transparency is at the heart of our values and our operation.


📊 Annual climate plan

To be in line with the principles we uphold, we produce an annual carbon footprint, an action plan to reduce Sami's impact on the environment and an impact report.

🚲 Mobility

We encourage low-carbon travel, in particular through our Sustainable Mobility Package, which covers part of employees' travel costs for the cleanest journeys (cycling, public transport, etc.).

💻 Equipment

We apply the BYOD (Bring You Own Device) policy and supply reconditioned equipment if possible.

🌱 Awareness

Awareness-raising workshops are often organized at Sami's, such as the climate or biodiversity frescoes.

purchasing policy

Suppliers are particularly key stakeholders for a company like Sami.

We choose and work with suppliers who are compatible with a socially and ecologically sustainable economy.

To support our suppliers in this approach, we have formalized a responsible purchasing policy, which translates to suppliers signing a responsible purchasing charter.

Find out more about our responsible purchasing charter here 🇫🇷

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