Format all your carbon data

We offer a wide range of reporting options to meet regulatory requirements as well as your various environmental goals.

Get a first overview of your emissions

A comprehensive dashboard

Find all your assessments and details of emissions within a comprehensive dashboard.

Customizable reports

Customize all reports to meet your reporting needs.

Export your extra-financial data

Export your extra-financial data in 1 click and meet your regulatory obligations.

Build the right analysis indicators

Custom categories and tags

Structure your assessment with custom categories and tags to perfectly meet the specificities of your activities.

Custom carbon intensities

Define carbon intensities adapted to the management of your company's climate strategy.

Efficiently move to action

Make informed decisions and implement targeted actions to reduce your emissions.

Accurately analyze your product emissions

Import your catalog of references

Import one or all of your references and get an emissions analysis for your entire catalog.

Visualization of emissions by reference

Delve into the details of the emissions of each of your references in order to implement the right reduction actions.

Compare the emissions of your different references

Compare one or more of your references along several dimensions. Understand at a glance where your main product emission sources are.

Compare your emissions with other companies

Compare your emissions to better position yourself

Compare your economic and employee intensity with other companies in 1 click on the platform.

Benefit from a multitude of data for accurate comparison

Access a large database containing Sami data and data from the CDP and ADEME databases (+2000 companies).

A wide choice of filters

Company size, sector of activity, emission category... Take advantage of a wide choice of filters to compare yourself effectively.

Find the uncertainty rate in the measurement of your footprint

The integration of uncertainty for each emission item

Find the percentages of uncertainty on the activity data and on the emission factor for each emission line collected.

Automatic calculation of the uncertainty rate

The platform automatically applies uncertainty rates to your data: if the uncertainty on the data or on the emission factor is modified, the application automatically calculates the total uncertainty.

Visualization of the overall uncertainty of the carbon footprint

The total uncertainty is presented in the summary of the carbon footprint results, to which is added the detail of the uncertainty by major emission category.

Test our reporting module

Find out in just a few clicks how our reports can help you make the right decisions (demo in 🇫🇷)

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