Build your climate roadmap

Find a set of features that enable you to build targeted and effective action plans and track the progress of each project.

A customizable low-carbon action catalog

A catalog of over 250 low-carbon actions

Thematic actions from over a hundred partners to address emissions from your main emission sources.

A catalog enriched by our experts

Our action catalog is updated monthly by our climate experts who regularly exchange with our partners.

Create your own reduction actions

Create your own reduction actions directly in the application to effectively address your emission sources.

Build your climate action roadmap step by step

Set your reduction targets for each action

Enter the current and targeted share of each action and automatically obtain the potential impact.

Visualize the impact of each action on your trajectories

Automatically visualize the impact of one or more actions on your different reduction trajectories.

Monitor the progress of your projects

Monitor the progress of your action plan directly in the application. Add or archive actions, adjust their potentials... it's up to you!

Create different action plans at the group level

Create action plans for each subsidiary/entity.

Adapt your action plans by entity, subsidiary or by country to meet your different objectives.

Pool actions at the group level

Define reduction or awareness actions at the level of all group entities.

Visualize a consolidated climate roadmap

Find all the reduction actions and their progress status by subsidiary or in a consolidated manner.

Test our Action Plan feature

Find out in just a few clicks how to build a climate roadmap using our software (demo in 🇫🇷)

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