Collect all your data efficiently

Carbon accounting is above all a matter of data!

We have developed many collectors to refine and accelerate the collection of your activity data.

Access and rights management to facilitate and secure data collection

Distribute data collection tasks

Choose roles for members of your organization according to your internal functioning in order to distribute tasks related to data collection.

Guarantee the confidentiality of critical data

Restrict access to certain sensitive data such as accounting data or financial data.

Create different levels of rights at the group level

Define roles and permissions for each of your subsidiaries or entities.

A centralized data hub to simplify your data collection

Organise your collection easily

In your management space, find the list of all your collection tasks, assign task managers, and access collectors to complete them.

Visualize the progress of your data collection

Use our filters to visualize at a glance the state of progress of your collection and each of your tasks.

Exchange with your consultant

Receive instructions to help you, comment on tasks and exchange directly in the application with your consultant.

Many ready-to-use collectors to save time

Enter your activity data accurately

Customize each data and choose your level of precision.

Collectors designed for your business sector

Production, travel, digital, premises, etc.
Optimise your collection for maximum efficiency.

Save time thanks to our API

Send large volumes of data to the Sami application using our API.

Access management

A precise analysis of employee emissions

A customizable questionnaire

Adapt the themes and questions to ask your employees according to your needs.

Analysis of results for your employees:

Each employee receives an in-depth analysis of their emissions as well as resources to help them reduce their employee footprint.

Climate sensitivity indicators

Benefit from several indicators to know the level of maturity, interest and commitment of your employees on the subject of climate.

Access management

A supplier questionnaire to involve your entire value chain

A more precise measurement of your Scope 3

Take into account your value chain and count the emission data of your suppliers.

Refine the result of your carbon footprint

Adjust the emission factors of your suppliers by recovering their data and specify the data of your own report.

Embark your value chain

Show that your organization is committed to a low-carbon approach and encourage your suppliers to get involved.

Access management

Test our different collectors

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