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Scybl reduces its carbon impact by 26% and boosts its employer brand

The climate strategy, launched mainly out of knowledge of the climate emergency, has allowed a 26% reduction in impact by understanding which parts of the activity are the most emissive and how to decarbonize them effectively. No more sight browsing and disparate actions, hello structured climate plan and boosted employer brand!

Alexandre Buffard

Chief Impact Officer @Scybl, Consultant for low-carbon transition for businesses @Illio

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ATL Production chooses efficiency and accessibility for its first carbon footprint

ATL Production is looking for a solution that is more accessible, simple and fast than a consultant to measure its carbon footprint, without compromising on precision.

Philippe Girard de Courtilles

Manager @ATL Production 🏭

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Alenia has its carbon footprint, carried out internally, audited in order to certify and communicate it.

Alenia offers a carbon management platform and the support of a dedicated expert to verify and complete its carbon footprint carried out internally.

Fabien Dussaucy

Manager @Alenia, Conseil IT 💻

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Founders Future measures its complete carbon footprint and actively pushes its participations to follow

How Founders Future measured its complete carbon footprint including its participations and is actively encouraging them to decarbonize. #Scope3 #SFDR #ClimateProgram

Sarah Corne

Impact Partner @Founders Future

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Welcome to the Jungle accelerates its CSR strategy with its teams

How Welcome to the Jungle uses Sami to accelerate its CSR approach by integrating its teams

Thomas Bannelier

Head of Social Media @Welcome to the Jungle

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Ouest France is preparing its first consolidated multi-entity carbon assessment and is embarking internally

The group of more than 1600 employees, accustomed to carbon assessments, is equipped with a consolidated management tool that also allows all teams to be involved.

Julie Quintard

Sustainable Development Manager @Ouest -France