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“An important fact was to discover that our 5% of air travel generates 95% of our carbon emissions related to transport”
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Sami supports Welcome to the Jungle in its climate strategy

How Welcome to the Jungle uses Sami to accelerate its CSR approach by integrating its teams

Sans Sami

A carbon footprint with a free tool

A first order of magnitude but lacking in details

Need a complete solution and support

Lack of in-house expertise

Avec Sami

Simple and intuitive carbon footprint

Precise estimation of the impact of our digital activities

Detailed action plan

A lot of time saved and the main suppliers to mobilize to reduce our scope 3 identified

What was your CSR strategy before contacting Sami?

We decided quite quickly to set up a CSR approach carried by volunteer employees.

The strong conviction of our employees is the main driver of our CSR approach. To make this desire a reality, we have taken the necessary steps to obtain the Label B Corp.

We also set up the regular financing of reforestation projects in partnership with Reforest'action.

Our business as a company contributes to global warming. The carbon footprint allows us to measure the company's climate impact.

We are convinced that it is very important to do our carbon footprint in order to understand and minimize our impact.

Have you already done a carbon assessment?

We did a first try with a free tool on the GoodPlanet site. This allowed us to have a first order of magnitude of our impact to guide us in our first financing of reforestation projects.

We felt the need for a more precise and complete solution, especially on the digital part and servers.

Why did you choose Sami?

It seemed a little “heavy” to us to go through a traditional consulting firm. We therefore rather looked for a service provider with a modern and simple offer while being of high quality in terms of calculations.

Sami offered us a simple and intuitive carbon footprint with a complete brick for measuring our digital impact. The use of a questionnaire for employees was a real asset in our opinion for a more engaging carbon footprint for the teams.

Sami also offered a detailed action plan for the reduction of our emissions and our action for the global climate. It seemed reassuring to us!

What did you think of Sami?

Sami offers a simple and educational tool. The meeting to review our carbon footprint allowed us to better understand the distribution of our emissions, especially on the digital aspect. Matthias, our dedicated climate expert, was very responsive throughout the support stages!

Automating part of the calculation using financial and accounting data has saved us a lot of time and allows us to identify the main suppliers to mobilize to reduce our Scope 3.

What are the main lessons of your carbon footprint?

Summary of the 2020 carbon footprint of Welcome to the Jungle

An important fact was to discover that our 5% of airplane trips generate 95% of our carbon emissions related to transport. Now, we are paying attention to the relevance of our choices concerning the mode of transport for our employees.

We also had a precise estimate of the impact of our digital activities, including things like our social media posts, and I was surprised at the high carbon content of the video. This confirmed my intuition that digital technology is the major part of our carbon impact.

What are the next steps, post carbon footprint?

We were already aware of the climate problem before the Sami approach. In particular, we opted for a green electricity supplier. Sami allowed us to quantify the CO2 savings generated, in addition to offering us other reduction levers.

The Sami service offers support even after the carbon balance has been presented, to help us take action:

  • We are going to spend part of our IT equipment on refurbished equipment via the partner that Sami offered us.
  • We want to do Trainings Green IT for the IT team and want to implement the solution recommended by Sami to track the cloud impact of code pushed in production
  • We are going to push some suppliers to share their carbon footprint with us or to do their carbon footprint thanks to the standard emails offered by Sami.
  • We continue to fund Reforest'action planting projects for contribute to global carbon neutrality

And above all, we are recruiting a full-time person to take charge of the subject of impact at Welcome to the Jungle. Our climate strategy will be at the heart of the mission!

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