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“Sami allowed us to move from a regulatory carbon footprint to an actionable carbon footprint”
Ouest-France is a French news organization that publishes newspapers daily in the western regions of metropolitan France and in Paris. It is the first paid daily newspaper in France. The group has more than 1615 employees.
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A consolidated multi-entity carbon footprint and a global strategy for the Ouest France group

The group of more than 1600 employees, accustomed to carbon assessments, is equipped with a consolidated management tool that also allows all teams to be involved.

Sans Sami

Carbon balances but not at the group level

Need a platform for a consolidated multi-entity carbon footprint

Looking for expertise in the press sector

Willingness to involve all teams

Avec Sami

Increased precision

Carrying out carbon assessments on specific projects

Environmental Roadmap and Reduction Trajectory

Commitment of all company departments

What was your CSR strategy before contacting Sami?

The Sipa Ouest-France group has a CSR strategy committed to the various social, economic and environmental aspects.

This strategy is framed by principles that govern us such as Humanism and Responsibility Journalism.

You can also find our various commitments to sustainable development and transparency in our 2021 CSR report.

At the environmental level, being an ETI, we report on our CO2 emissions.

Nevertheless, by contacting Sami we wanted to take the next step to take the next step to find out the biggest emission sources and thus prioritize our actions.

Have you already done a carbon assessment?

We make carbon balances since 2014. However, these carbon balances were not carried out for the whole group.

Our ambition is to carry out our first consolidated balance sheet at group level by 2023.

Why did you choose Sami?

Following a call for tenders, we chose Sami for his support. We were convinced by thevery clear dedicated carbon expert and... really expert.

La platform is intuitive and understandable, while allowing us to calculate our emissions over a wider scope, but also more accurately than what we did before.

In addition, Sami is flexible and adaptable. They adapted to our requests and in particular to the need to carry out carbon assessments for specific projects.

What did you think of Sami?

We recommend Sami within a working group in the press sector.

Thanks to his pedagogical support, our carbon expert Alexis, allowed us to increase our skills and to move from a regulatory carbon footprint to an actionable carbon footprint. The very understandable feedback allowed us to engage to engage all the company's departments so that everyone can act at their own level.

Sami has a real internal credibility !

What are the main lessons of your carbon footprint?

2022 GES report from the Ouest France group

Realizing this carbon footprint and an action plan with Sami allowed us to prioritize our roadmap for our approach environmental.

We know which are the most important emission items, namely inputs and freight.

Today, we are intensifying our efforts with the services concerned, so that everyone can implement reduction levers at their own level.

More broadly, this allowed internal awareness and to bring together the teams around this subject.

What are the next steps before next year?

Sami accompanied us on the implementation of a reduction trajectory and action plan.

This allowed us to confirm the relevance of actions that we were in the process of conducting and identifying those that needed to be emphasized.

Thus, certain actions have been taken or increased to reduce CO2 emissions:

  • Continue the energy renovation of our premises through effective insulation and renewable energy sources (installation of photovoltaic panels and valorization of 14 hectares parking).

  • Lowering emissions related to upstream freight by bringing us closer to other businesses in the region to Complete a train together, in order to limit road transport and promote the railway line, which has been unusual since 2016, and which goes all the way to our factories.

  • Keep going back in a circular approach by promoting newspapers at the end of their life. And this, by taking advantage of our home delivery network for newspapers (the largest in France) so that press carriers recover used newspapers when submitting new ones. This ensures that the trucks do not come back empty after delivery and allows the paper to be recycled. This pilot project has a significant capacity for replicability across the entire sector.

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