“What impressed us was the adaptability of the Sami platform, allowing a tailor-made calculation”
Alenia is an IT consulting firm. In just under 4 years of existence, their tribe is already composed of 120 people and supports major players, especially in the banking sector, in their digital needs.
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Alenia has its carbon footprint, carried out internally, audited in order to certify and communicate it.

Alenia offers a carbon management platform and the support of a dedicated expert to verify and complete its carbon footprint carried out internally.

Sans Sami

Previous carbon assessments carried out internally

Approximations of the results

Significant time spent

Difficulty in building a strategy

Avec Sami

Considerable time savings

Adaptability and power of the platform

Consideration of all aspects of the business

A catalog of ideas proposed by Sami to co-build the action plan

What was your CSR strategy before contacting Sami?

La CSR approach of the company is like the company itself: still young.

The social and societal aspects of CSR are the most structured, with particular attention paid to achieving parity in the team, which is already showing its first results.

Things are progressing as they go along.

It's no secret that it's the people on the team who are sensitive to these issues and who are willing to work on them who make things happen.

And there is no shortage of these people in our country!

Have you already done a carbon assessment?

Carbon balance calculation file carried out internally by Alenia

We already had Calculate our carbon footprint ourselves for the years 2019, 2020 and 2021.

We self-trained at the calculation methodology to carry out this calculation internally based on the documentation available online.

The objective was to be able to measure the impact of our activities, first in absolute terms to get an idea of the orders of magnitude.

Then also in relation, to fully understand which parts of our jobs are the most dependent on fossil fuels and linked to the most greenhouse gas emissions.

Before communicating our results, especially in the context of tenders, we wanted to have them checked or audited by a specialized company.

Why did you choose Sami?

We chose to work with Sami simply because we follow them on Linkedin.

We appreciate their work of Monitoring and explaining regulatory changes that affect businesses around carbon.

At first we did not fully understand the value of choose a service provider equipped with a online platform to carry out the carbon footprint measurement.

Now that we have completed the process, it would clearly be one of our criteria for choosing if we had to do it again! The time saved is considerable.

Until you do it once, you don't realize the importance of equipping yourself with an online tool, which is also collaborative.

What did you think of Sami?

We are very happy with the work done with Sami.

All of our initial goals have been met, and even others that we did not previously identify.

What impressed us the most, I think, was the adaptability of the Sami platform, allowing us to make a tailor-made calculation according to our specificities and the data that we had or did not have available.

For example, we were able to valorize our refrigerated water air conditioning, an uncommon model although more virtuous than conventional air conditioning.

When making some corrections following the presentation of the results we also felt the power of the platform, making it possible to modify certain data in the blink of an eye.

Finally our dedicated expert Pauline was always very available and pedagogue, we learned a lot about climate and carbon accounting.

What are the main lessons of your carbon footprint?

Alenia's 2022 GES report

The carbon balance recalculated by Sami is twice the one we calculated ourselves.

That is the main surprise of this work.

Our calculations were not wrong; on the contrary, they were very similar to Sami's.

But we did not take into account all aspects of our activities, forgetting some of our main emission sources, including our purchases or our service providers.

This is where the expertise of a specialized company was very useful, ensuring that we did not forget certain aspects of our emissions in the calculation and being able to certify the results.

We also note that the results of a company's carbon footprint are not intuitive, and that it is difficult to estimate them without going through this measurement stage.

This further reinforces the importance for us to assess our carbon footprint, in order to understand its impact.

What are the next steps before next year?

We are currently thinking about our action plan, encouraged by our expert Pauline who is also supporting us on this part.

The catalog of ideas proposed by Sami to complete their proposed action plan is vast, allowing us to find actions that fit our activity and our possibilities.

The detailed action sheets and recommendations from service providers are very practical for taking action easily, all the preparation work was done beforehand by Sami!

We have already opted for a supplier of refurbished computer hardware, and are considering the next things to put in place.

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