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“Automated accounting data processing also saves time by avoiding the need to manually collect data related to certain purchases and fixed assets.”
CorpoKarma is a consulting and innovation agency in sustainable development.
1 - 49 employees
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The Corpo Karma firm is equipped with Sami software.

CorpoKarma provides its support and offers its customers a management table for their climate strategy. Increased impact and satisfied customers!

Sans Sami

Time-consuming accounting files treatment

Wasted time looking for EF

A lack of visibility for customers

Difficult to onboard customer employees

Avec Sami

Automated accounting files processing

A consolidated EF database

A space for managing emissions for companies

An in-app employee questionnaire

CorpoKarma is a consulting firm from Lyon launched in 2020, which supports ETiS & SMEs on all transition issues: CSR & Impact, Climate, Ecodesign & LCA, as well as on energy & resource management issues.
The team is composed of 12 consultants.

In this testimony, Guillaume experiences the choice of Sami to support certain customers, the advantages and disadvantages of the tool and the benefits that CorpoKarma derives from it.

How were the carbon balances of your customers calculated before contacting Sami?

Before Calling on Sami We mainly used the Bilan Carbone+ tool of the Association for the Low-Carbon Transition (ABC), Software alternative to the traditional Excel file Offering a few more features.

At the same time, we have developed our own tools on Excel to complete it: employee questionnaires, charts presenting the results, monitoring the action plan, etc.

Why did you want to equip yourself with a tool?

Sami account - Overview of licenses and customer accounts

We observed that many specialized carbon accounting tools have emerged in recent years.

The Desire to Try One was accelerated by two elements:

  • Requests from customers who, seeing this same trend, requested that they be provided with a dashboard to monitor their climate strategy in addition to the usual spreadsheets and slides.
  • Corpokarma's desire to support customers in a strong integration of environmental issues into their strategy and operations. Data is a strategic element for this, and using a tool makes it easier for teams to take ownership of the Carbon Subject.

Our added value as a consulting firm is to support the client In collecting data during the first few times but especially later, to facilitate the analysis of its results, the definition of a reduction action plan and the support of its teams to implement it.

On All Calculation Steps, to search for emission factors or to quantify the potential for action reduction, we Seems obvious that tools will be useful And will even save us time to focus on our core business.

What do you think of Sami?

Sami account - Follow-up of a customer

Once you get to grips with the tool, In general, there is a good difference in treatment time. to carry out carbon scales.

Among the strengths of the tool, there is the “Employee Questionnaire”, directly integrated into the platform and adaptable to each client, which frees us from keeping the one we initially did with our own tools up to date.

In addition to collecting team data, it includes an awareness brick by giving the professional carbon footprint of each person who fills it out and tips for reducing it.

Automated Accounting Data Processing Also Saves Time by avoiding the manual collection of data related to certain purchases and fixed assets.

Sami program categories, thinner than the usual scopes and stations, are Very Easy for Us and Often More Educational for Our Customers.

The software interface is smooth and compatible with all browsers, without having to install anything.

For some customers with more complex carbon balances, the tool is less practical to use, requiring manual reprocessing of the data before copying and pasting it.

It is also because the Sami tool is still recent, the technical team is up to date and responsive: we are convinced that the tool will be further enriched in the future.

The transparency of the customer relationship and the team's close attention to our feedback are also very valuable.

What do your customers think of Sami?

Sami account - Realization of a customer's carbon footprint

The feedback from our customers is positive.

They have their own space where they can collect the data needed for calculations, consult their carbon footprint results, and complete and monitor their action plan.

For some, this is a real plus for carbon footprint monitoring.

The pedagogy of the tool and the building blocks for raising awareness among teams about climate issues are also very much appreciated, especially the famous “Employee Questionnaire”.

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