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“The challenge was obviously to gain autonomy in order to be able to support our customers in carrying out a carbon footprint”
Buying & Solutions is a decarbonization and purchasing consultancy firm
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Buying & Solutions deepens its knowledge on carbon accounting with Sami Academy

Buying & Solutions is a procurement consultancy with a specialization in the decarbonization of purchases and a Sami Pro partner since 2023. In this testimony, Romane Fromager discusses her choice to follow the Carbon Accounting course to deepen her theoretical knowledge and her practice on the Sami platform.

Sans Sami

Use of Excel spreadsheets

Partial handling of the platform

Theoretical notions of carbon balance

Few practical resources available

Avec Sami

Detailed understanding of the various emission factors and factors

Theoretical mastery of carrying out a carbon footprint

Strong autonomy on the platform thanks to the practice of training

Interactions with trainers and the learning community

Why did you decide to take a course on carbon accounting?

I had already had a training course but it was essentially theoretical. So I needed to become more proficient in the practice of carbon accounting. The challenge was obviously to gain autonomy in order to be able to support our clients alone in carrying out a carbon assessment but also to be able to carry out the carbon footprint of our firm.

And what prompted you to choose the Sami course?

Already, to increase my practical skills, I was looking for very concrete training. And what I really liked about Sami's presentation was this theoretical basis combined with a lot of practical cases.

That's what I needed to become more independent. I asked about other courses, I saw Excel spreadsheets, I found it complex.

Then, in terms of format, I found it interesting that the training was divided into several sessions with a live trainer to interact with each time.

And then, last point, our Buying & Solutions firm has been a Sami partner (Sami Pro) for a year, which means that we use the Sami platform to support some of our customers in their carbon footprint. So it was logical to follow the training with you, on this platform and also to strengthen our partnership with Sami.

Verdict? Did the training meet your expectations?

Yes! The theoretical basis is there, the global reflection on the carbon balance is there, the understanding of the different positions, emission factors, etc... And then there is the whole practical dimension that was very important for me.

We make concrete cases, we go back to them with the trainer, we correct them, we can ask questions, that's what makes the difference.

What are the two strengths of the course that you remember?

It will not surprise you but first of all the space reserved for practice! And the second strong point is the community that it creates. There are exchanges with other learners and the trainer throughout the duration of the training, of course, but also exchanges after the training.

There is a Slack channel that has been created and where we can ask all our questions later.

The other advantage is that as a Sami Pro partner, we are lucky to have access to Sami's teams and therefore to be well supported. Having this link with Sami matters a lot. And this obviously makes you want to continue on this path, it's a virtuous circle.

Was there also a challenge for you to get started with the Sami platform?

I had already had the opportunity to use it and I still find it very easy to use, very intuitive and educational, whether on the client side or on the consultant side. So it was not a major challenge for me but yes, I came out of this training even more comfortable: it's not negligible!

The platform makes our lives easier, there is no debate.

And you decided not to stop there!

Yes I also registered for the other training given by Sami, the one on climate strategy.
The challenge, quite simple, is to go further in supporting business climate change. We take stock of the situation, measuring emissions is the first step.

But then what do we do with it? It seems essential to me to continue with this training in order to have the right tools to then be able to support companies in all their climate strategy.

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