Manage your company's climate journey, from A to Z

📐 Measure your corporate carbon footprint

⚡ Reduce your impact and reach your yearly objectives

🌳 Contribute to global carbon neutrality

📣 Showcase your progress and engage your network

📐 Measure

Measure the carbon footprint of your business, products and services. Collect and centralise all the necessary data easily and automatically. Bye-bye Excel, hello Sami!

Adapted to your needs and perimeter

Integrated with your data and tools

Juliette Velin
CSR Manager @Allocab

The solution is perfectly adapted to our sector, even though it’s quite niche. We thought the tool was well-designed. And the approach is very rigorous and precise.

⚡️ Reduce

Reduce your impact by implementing your personalised and quantified action plan designed by Sami’s experts. Consult our marketplace of low-carbon solutions to concretely reduce your emissions. Define and follow your reduction trajectory, action by action.

Custom 360° action plan

Science-based reduction trajectory

David Johnson
Country Manager @Maddyness

The action plan suggested by the Sami software was a perfect fit for our business and options. It leverages all the means at our disposal: reduction, training, awareness-raising and offsetting.

🌳️ Contribute

Contribute to global carbon neutrality by financing projects which reduce emissions or sequester carbon.

Guaranteed greenwashing free: bye-bye vanity metrics, hello quality offsets – it makes a world of difference!

Catalogue of audited projects, commission-free

Support with project selection

Charlotte Chenevier
Co-founder @Canard & Cie

We were guided through the process from start to finish, from finding the best project for us to deciding how much to contribute.
The projects are curated: you know you can’t go wrong.

📣 Showcase

Include your teams, suppliers and investors in all stages of your climate strategy.
Raise awareness and train your network.
Promote and communicate your commitments internally and externally.

Ready to use climate communication: tools and examples

Reporting, internal and external communication

Charlotte Coquillaud
Communication manager @Oé

Sami also helped us share our approach with our community and answer all their questions. The feedback has been really positive.

“Sami’s offer stands out from the competition with their expertise, user-friendly tool and level of support provided throughout the process! The next steps are clear — our climate strategy is in good hands.”

Constance Galan | Head of Partnerships
@ethi'Kdo | Startup | 13 employees

“Calculating our carbon footprint with Sami was simple and rewarding! It helped us understand where we’re having an impact on the climate and prioritise our actions to reduce our emissions based on their impact. Next step: an LCA with Sami!”

Jacques Ferté | CEO @Brasserie Gallia
Brewery | 31 employees

“Our work with Sami made us aware of our carbon footprint and helped us start defining our climate strategy. We have identified our next steps and found the methodology we will use to go even further (SBTi trajectory).”

Fabrice Girard | Chairman @Sofren
Advisory | 513 employees

“We’re extremely satisfied with our collaboration with Sami! A dedicated team supported us from A to Z, from measuring our carbon footprint right through to rolling out our emission reduction plan. Their support was invaluable.”

Audren Letellier | CSR & GreenIT Lead
@Rzilient | Startup | 29 employees

“We chose Sami to help us reduce our carbon footprint at 20 Minutes because of their speed of execution, value for money and expertise. The help provided with completing the Ecovadis CSR questionnaire was also a plus!”

Frédéric Daruty | CEO @20 Minutes
Press | 256 employees

The best software at your service

Technology may not be the solution to climate change, but it is the solution to one of your other problems: your hectic calendar.

Connect and process all your data without breaking a sweat.
Easily visualise and compare your results.
Collaborate with all stakeholders.

Your dedicated expert

Our team of experts is there to guide you at every stage of your climate strategy.

From configuring the tool to acting on the results, your dedicated climate expert is on hand to answer all your questions and make progress year after year towards a decarbonised future together!

Best-in-class scientific expertise

It’s impossible to effectively reduce your greenhouse gas emissions without measuring them precisely. Sami chooses the most appropriate standards for your sector and needs.

All our calculations are transparent, and our calculation practices guide is open source, supported and updated by a community of carbon practitioners.

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