Product carbon footprint – the best of both worlds

Should you measure your corporate carbon footprint first or the impact of your products?
Do your carbon footprint or life cycle analysis?

How about combining the two?
Discover Sami’s innovative product carbon footprint

Double your impact,
not your workload

Global carbon footprint or product carbon footprint? No need to choose!

The product carbon footprint invented by Sami combines the classic aggregated approach with a carbon footprint analysis by product.

Double the results, double the accuracy, without double the work!

More accurate corporate carbon footprint

Carbon and environmental footprint of each product

Data and results gathering between the two approaches


Your products are your best bet for reducing your impact

To identify the most relevant actions to reduce your emissions, you have to accurately measure your carbon footprint.

The prodcut carbon footprint provides a complete and exhaustive analysis to reduce emissions at the source.

Involve suppliers at every stage of production

Analyse by item, material, manufacturing stage

Gateway to eco-design


Carbon labelling makes good business sense

Labelling products with their carbon footprint is already a thing.
Consumers want it, and it will be obligatory in Europe from 2023.

Get ahead by calculating and improving the environmental score of your products today.
Stay on top of your obligations, including 🇪🇺 product environmental footprint

Environmental rating by item

Preliminary calculations and issuing of ratings

Multisector certified methodologies


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