Calculate your corporate carbon footprint without breaking a sweat.

A carbon footprint is the best way to structure and monitor your company’s low-carbon journey!
We could be here all day listing the reasons and methods for calculating yours.

How about cutting to the chase and choosing the best
Simple, informative and impactful!

A quick and accurate carbon footprint that meets your needs

Sami’s aim is to make corporate climate commitments more accessible and measuring your carbon footprint is an essential component of this.
Discover our simple, quick, accurate and accessible approach.

Carbon footprint, GHG protocol, ISO? Sami can do it all

There are endless ways to calculate a company’s carbon footprint, and almost as many solutions to do it.

Perimeter, precision, methodology, regulations, certification, data used, perimeter: the possibilities are endless.
Our approach is simple: we find the most relevant and helpful format for you!

Adapted to your needs and perimeter

Meets international standards for measuring CO2

GHG Protocol and ISO certified, open-source methodology


Get to grips with your impact with almost no manual data entry

Measuring your corporate carbon footprint means translating your business into CO2. This involves compiling a lot of data (premises, travel, purchasing, digital, etc.).

This data already exists – the challenge is finding and collecting it.
We do everything we can to make collecting this data easier and automate it without compromising on accuracy.

Integrates with your business tools and software

Import raw files and automate some processes

Assign collection tasks and monitor in detail


Effectively reducing your impact starts with understanding it

Calculating your carbon footprint lets you precisely measure your greenhouse gas emissions and understand where they come from.

Whether you already have a clue or have no idea at all, you may be surprised!

Detailed visualisation of results and complete analysis

Custom categorisation of sources of emissions

Results by scope and Sami advanced nomenclature


Have control over the methodology used and the calculations

Calculating your corporate carbon footprint is an exercise in transparency, so the software used must be transparent too.

Our approach is simple: we tell you everything!
Our methodology and calculations are open-sourced and explained – you’re always in control.

Explanation of calculations

Detailed view of results, clearly broken down

Open-source measurement methodology


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