Carbon offsetting and carbon credits

Contribute to global carbon neutrality by financing projects that reduce emissions or sequester carbon.

Find the right purposeful projects for you.
Guaranteed greenwashing free: bye-bye vanity metrics, hello quality offsets – it makes a world of difference!

Carbon offsetting: more transparency, less greenwashing

Financing projects sequestering, capturing or avoiding the release of carbon.
Outside your value chain.
Climate-ly interested, financially disinterested

Find the right projects for you

Choose and finance projects that are right for you and that you can be proud of: size, location, sector, label, price, technique, etc.

Wide range of projects chosen by our experts and operated by trusted partners.

Catalogue of 60+ projects audited by our experts

Centralised financing

Reporting and communication tools


Plant trees without even a seed of doubt

Contributing to global carbon neutrality is vital to reach our climate objectives, but it has to be done right.

Choosing the projects, defining the budget, putting you in touch with operators, monitoring: your dedicated expert provides advice and support every step of the way.

Integration of offsetting into your climate strategy

Presentation of the projects and the concept of offsetting

Custom support and advice


Benefit from neutral, impartial advice

Sami doesn’t receive any commission from the projects in our catalogue. We’re only interested in the same thing as you: tackling climate change.

Our experts audit all the projects and operators to ensure your funding makes a positive impact and is fully traceable.

Trustworthy, audited projects

No hidden commission

Progress monitoring of funded projects


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