Much more than a carbon consultant, your dedicated carbon expert

You wouldn’t neglect your accounting.
It’s central to your corporate strategy and, more importantly, obligatory.

The same might be true of carbon accounting soon.
And good accounting – whether financial or carbon – starts with choosing the right expert.

Your trusted expert, providing long-term support

Informative, attentive, available, interpersonal, experienced.
All vital qualities for helpful and high-quality support.
And tech can’t replace that.

Much more than support: your dedicated carbon expert drives your progress

Benefit from your dedicated carbon expert’s long-term custom support, guidance and advice.

The driving force behind your climate strategy, your expert will be your strongest ally in advancing each stage of your low-carbon journey.

Dedicated expert who drives your approach and provides regular monitoring

Custom advice and 360° support

Ongoing guidance, available and reactive


You’ll know the carbon world inside and out

Any ambitious climate strategy requires you first to understand the important issues and essential tools that help you commit to the climate.

Your expert adapts to help you discover and understand the world of CO2 and make progress year on year.

Adapted to your level of knowledge and constraints

Custom fun and educational materials

Presentation and explanation of results


Whether carbon or financial accounting, don’t comprise on your expert

Don’t entrust your accounting to just anyone.

Work with a certified and passionate expert who is there to guide you and help you make progress.

Ongoing training and certifications

Peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing

Sectorial and methodological monitoring


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