More than a carbon footprint software, your climate management platform

Centralise your entire climate strategy and provide access and collaborate with all stakeholders.

Save time, increase understanding and accuracy, and focus on taking action.

Simple and intuitive online climate management software

Compatible with all devices and browsers – nothing to install.

Calculating your footprints is good – understanding and comparing them is better

Managing your carbon footprint starts with understanding it.

Get a custom detailed visualisation of your results by emission category, branch, activity, site, subsidiary, product, supplier, country: whatever you want.

Compare your results to your competitors to see where you stand.

Custom segmentation of results based on your activity

Intuitive navigation between different levels of detail and categories

Thorough sectoral comparisons cross-referencing various sources


Track the past, understand the present and plan for the future

Centralise all your climate data and monitor your progress year on year.

Simply define science-based emission reduction objectives and monitor your indicators.

Forecast the change in your carbon footprint based on your emission reduction plan.

Integration of archives and annual monitoring

Trajectory definition and monitoring by indicator and emission category

Provisional evolution of your carbon footprint based on the action plan


Come as you are – your data too

Measuring and reducing your impact effectively requires accurate carbon calculations based on your business data.
Collecting data can take time – you’ve got to find it, enter it and then process it.

Use our tech to easily gather your data from your business software and tools.
Save time and increase accuracy so you can focus on taking action.

Automatic data gathering and processing

Integrate with business software and tools via APIs and exports

Import and process spreadsheets and databases


Assign roles and monitor tasks

Centralise your entire climate strategy and control access: by country, site, subsidiary, team or person.

Assign roles and tasks to work together on improving your low-carbon strategy.

Unlimited users and role assignment

Visualisation of results by site or team

Task assignment and centralised monitoring


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